As part of my Creative Media Project (CMP) I collaborated with Sheffield Soup, a live crowd-funding organisation, to develop their brand identity and design a new print magazine. As part of this extensive and challenging project I have forged a new brand identity and from this created a full magazine issue, website wireframes and mockups, a promotional video, and a brand guidelines document. I've been rewarded by seeing my ideas come into fruition after a lengthy design process.
The final magazine was designed using Adobe InDesign, with graphics created in Adobe Illustrator and images manipulated using Adobe Photoshop. The photography featured in the main issue was provided by Sheffield Soup and was taken by Mark Wrigley.
Each year there are four Sheffield Soup events (once per quarter), so we decided to release a magazine alongside each event. The covers had to be easily recognisable as a series throughout the year and be easy to replicate in the case of other designers working on the magazine. It also had to be stylish and eye-catching, which is why I designed it so that each issue would have its own colour and texture. The colours are completely unique to each issue while the four textures fluctuate between publications.
This short promotional video was filmed and edited by myself. It was designed to be easily shared on social media and quickly summarise what Sheffield Soup is all about. It was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and further composited using Adobe After Effects.
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